WELCOME!                                                                   You are always welcome here.

Join us on Facebook every Sunday morning at 10am  to view our virtual worship watch party or click this link to view our service  of  February 28.  Check out our most recent  Sunday Good News Preview and News and Blessings.  Click here to view our February 17 climate workshop featured on Facebook by Efficiency Maine

Watching the Watchparty with Neighbors…

Come home, embrace the power of God’s love.  We are a community seeking to be relevant in this ever changing world through our relationship to God, to each other, the surrounding community and the earth that sustains us.

Co-Pastor Bill Bliss shares the Good News
Co-Pastor Holly Reid packing up Cafe meals-to-go.

To learn what we’re up to on a regular basis, please explore the menus at the top of the page. And if you want even more detail about us, you can access our 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Budget here. 

Below are some of the guiding principles which guide our daily lives in relationship with God and our community, we call this…

Our Spiritual Essence

We promise: healing, generosity, relationship, and spiritual growth.
We believe:                                                                                                                                    ~~God calls us to surrender, to let love and grace change our lives.       ~~ Jesus appears to us in our neighbors and in all creation.                       ~~ Faith community is a source of love, joy, hope and strength.     We value: dignity, respect, loving kindness and faithful risk.

We're here for our neighbors.